HP 1MY15AA OMEN 300 Mouse Pad

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HP 1MY15AA OMEN 300 Mouse Pad
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The only thing standing between you and the comeback of the century is five perfectly placed headshots, and those don’t come easy. A quality mouse pad can shift a jarring near-miss to a fluid kill shot, with a non-slick rubber base and ideal surface friction for precise, controlled mouse movements.


Designed for precision

Remove any uncertainty in your mouse movements with a non-slip rubber base and smooth cloth surface optimized for the optical sensor of gaming mice.

Holds up under pressure

With 4mm thickness.

Tested to withstand more than 250km of mouse movement, this is professional quality you can rely on.

Room to glide

A massive size delivers room for fluid, gliding movements, even at lower DPI settings.

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HP 1MY15AA OMEN 300 Mouse Pad