Orico PVU3-4P 4 Ports Desktop USB3.0 PCIe Card

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ORICO PVU3-4P 4 Ports Desktop USB3.0 PCIe Card - PVU3-4P
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ORICO PVU3-4P Desktop USB3.0 PCIe Card

  • Product Name 4ports USB3.0 PCI-E express card 
  • Product Mode PVU3-4P 
  • Product UI express card 
  • Product Dimension 120*70* 19mm 
  • Product Weight 58g

ORICO released the newest desktop 4ports USB3.0 high speed express card. USB3.0 has already become one of the most popular interfaces in present IT world. Its previous generation USB2.0 is the interface with widest range of users in IT products, and nearly over 2billions USB devices sell out till now. USB3.0 will replace USB2.0 gradually, because it can reach the high speed which USB2.0 can’t reach. First its theoretical transfer rate up to 5Gbps, much higher than USB2.0 480Mbps, and also higher than eSATA 3Gbps speed. Besides, USB3.0 is compatible with USB2.0 and 1.1 standards, that is to say you can use it in your USB2.0 interface.

Product Features:

● Conform to PCI-Express standard 2.0 version

● Product main control IC: VLI800

● 4ports USB3.0 can connect with 4pcs USB device at same time

● USB3.0 interface transfer rate up to 5Gbps, downward compatible with USB2.0/1.1

● USB3.0 use big 4pin interface for power supply

● Support USB hot-swap, plug and play

● Low power consumption and energy saving product

● Window 2000/XP/VISTA/7

Product Application:

By using ORICO PVU3-4P, you can make your mainboard instantly upgrade to USB3.0 high speed, and enjoy the great capacity and high efficient storage ability. This product fit for multimedia video edit system, server database, DVR data storage, 2D/3D cartoon, artiest plot and system data backup using environment, and support Windows! It makes desktop mainboard upgrade to USB3.0 easily.  

Product Specification:

Product Name

4ports USB3.0 PCI-E express card

Product Mode


Product UI

express card

Product Dimension

120*70* 19mm

Product Weight


Support System

Window 2000/XP/VISTA/7

Safety Certificate

CE and FCC approval

Operation environment

0/50(use); -20/70(storage)

Product Accessories:

1.      Express card*1

2.      User manual*1

3.      Drive disk*1

4.      Install screw*1

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Orico PVU3-4P 4 Ports Desktop USB3.0 PCIe Card