Alogic 1M CAT6 Network Cable - Blue C6-01-Blue

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Alogic 1M CAT6 Network Cable - Blue
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Cat6a patch cable is considered the most fast speed computer LAN cable currently in the world, its application is 10G Ethernet and is compatible down for Gigabit Ethernet or lower speed. This is because of the increasing demand of bandwidth requirement in computer data transmission, more bandwidth means faster transmission speed of data, means more efficient. Cat6a patch cables are much better capability for future high speed LANs compared with former Cat5E and Cat6 copper wires.

ALOGIC Cat6a Patch cable features :

•    Performance rated beyond 500 MHz
•    Suit for up to 10G LANs, include 10GBASE-T Ethernet, 1000BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, & Lower
•    Compatible with T568A and T568B wiring.
•    Category 6a UTP cable wired straight through. 24 AWG, gold plated 8x8 (RJ45) plugs.
•    Cat6a patch cords have stranded copper conductors for flexibility -
•    Snag-free strain relief boot provides secure and accurate connection; patch cables & boots are the same color.
•    Suppresses ANEXT (Alien Near End Cross Talk) and delivers superior 10 GbE performance up to 100 meters.

ALOGIC cat6a patch cables are made according to industrial standards, they are proved compatibility and reliability, plug and play and flexible.

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Alogic 1M CAT6 Network Cable - Blue C6-01-Blue