ALOGIC EL2DPHD-ADP Elements DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - Male to Female- 20cm

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ALOGIC EL2DPHD-ADP Elements DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - Male to Female- 20cm
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The Cable for Crisp HDMI Displays

ALOGIC’s Elements Series DisplayPort to HDMI Active Adapter [Male to Male] is the price-friendly adapter for homes and businesses that need to marry a DisplayPort source [such as a computer] with an HDMI display [such as a computer monitor or projector]. Your warranty-backed Elements adapter supports HDMI resolutions up to the HDMI 1.4 maximum of 4K [30Hz], and Full HD 1920x1080 [144Hz].*

Now you’re equipped for polished displays when it’s time to take a video call, present to your team, scroll visual documents or web pages, or add an additional external display to your desk.

The passive adapter works with most DisplayPort sources, since most natively support HDMI displays. However, the cable is made to work with DisplayPort source devices that are DP++ compatible. It’s important to ensure your DisplayPort source device is DP++ compatible before purchasing the adapter.

User-Friendly Adapters

Whether you’re looking to install one of our 30AWG adapters in your home, or to fit out a workplace, rest assured that ALOGIC’s Elements range is engineered for maximum user-friendliness. The highly bendable Elements adapter features compact connectors and low-bend radiuses. Their anatomy, which also features easy-grip PVC jacketing, makes them considerably easier to guide into ports in tight spaces, such as behind displays, and in equipment racks. Our adapters also feature a latch, so once you plug them in, they stay in.

Your Cable When Reliability is Essential

Connector construction undermines the longevity of many DisplayPort cables. That’s why our engineers and designers have developed a unique ABS connector shell that holds up in high-traffic installation environments. The Elements range is developed out of ALOGIC’s experience producing hundreds of thousands of cables and adapters to stand the test of time in the most demanding professional and household environments. Whether at home or in the office, be assured that these adapters won’t let you down. We vouch for this with a lifetime warranty.

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Alogic EL2DPHD-ADP DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter