Molex Male to 2 * SATA Power Female Cable

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Molex Male to 2 * SATA Power Female Cable
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SATA is a popular standard for connecting and powering computer data storage devices. It is much smaller than the deprecated IDE while allowing much higher data transfer rates. Molex (4-Pin) is a long-time standard for powering computer data storage devices and fans. These particular power cables can power SATA devices using molex power source cables, making them especially useful with older power supplies having no or not enough SATA power source cables. Furthermore, the single molex connector connects to two SATA power connectors, thereby powering two different SATA devices with just one Molex cable. Using these cables can increase your versatility with power supplies and data storage devices, enhancing the overall spatial, technical, and economic efficiency of your system.

PI Manufacturing's cables are engineered to the tightest tolerances to deliver unwavering reliability during mission critical and stress intensive applications. With our cables, you can have ease of mind while enjoying the highest quality computing experiences.

Typical Applications:

  • Powering SATA CD/DVD drives, hard disk drives, and other data storage devices with Molex (4-Pin) power sources
  • Powering multiple SATA data storage devices with a single Molex (4-pin) power source cable


  • 4-Pin molex male to 2 x 15-Pin SATA power female
  • Cable length: 14 inches
Connector Types: Molex (4-Pin) Male to 2x SATA Power Female
Length: 14in.
Color: Yellow, Black, and Red
UL Listed: Yes
Gauge: 18
Jacket: PVC
Conductors: Copper
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Molex Male to 2 * SATA Power Female Cable