Swiss Pattern Thin Hooked Tweezers BST-6A

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Swiss Pattern Thin Hooked Tweezers BST-6A
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  • Working on computers, electronics or other instruments? You cant be blundering around in there you need professional lighted tweezers.. These lighted tweezers are great for retrieving or positioning tiny parts without destroying others.
  • These high-quality, Swiss Pattern Tweezers were originally designed specifically for use in sub-miniature assembly. However, they have since become a favorite choice of craftsmen, jewelers and others looking for a light-tensioned, highly precise tweezers. The stainless steel bodies feature hardened precision points available in two distinct styles.
  • When working on electrical appliances,always be sure to first unplug the appliance in order to prevent electrical shock.
  • Do not use the tweezers on applications which are beyond the tweezers' working limit.Doing so may break the tips of the tweezers.


    • Sharp tip is available of this scraper.
    • Made of high quality metal material.
    • Brand New High Quality BEST Advanced Swiss Tweezers 6A
    • Very fine point style
    • 120mm/4.7in. overall length
    • Fine quality for the most exacting professions
    • Light tensioned for handling delicate objects
    • Used in subminiature assembly, jewelry repair, tool making and model building
    • Stainless steel construction with hardened points
    • Also available in  120mm/4.7in.  overall length
    • Length:120mm/4.7in.
    • Ultra Rigidity. 
    • Ultra Fine Point.


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Swiss Pattern Thin Hooked Tweezers BST-6A