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By adding this service charge to your cart, you agree that you have fully read and understand the inclusions and exclusions of this service charge. If you are not sure please consult our assembly charge table before adding this item to your cart. If the incorrect service charge is selected, assembly will not processed and our sales team will need contact you to resolve the issue before your order can be processed.

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Add this service charge to your cart alongside the system you are having assembled by us and it will be covered with a 3 year warranty, 12 months as standard plus an extended 23 months!

This service includes the following,

  • Return to base labour warranty for 36 months in total (12 months standard, + extended 24 months) 

And does not include the following,

  • Software Issues or Physical Damage

Please check the inclusions and exclusions carefully before checking out. Selecting the wrong assembly service fee will delay the processing of your order while our sales team attempt to contact you and resolve any issues.


If you have a special request that is not covered by this service, please call or email us for quote.

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Extended Warranty